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The top 5 export planning resources your business needs

Article co-written & researched by Maleah Grue

There are a number of different programs and resources to consider as you explore the opportunity to expand into international markets. While these resources can provide you with access to different funding and help you be better prepared for your entry into new markets, they are not all necessarily a great fit for all businesses.

To narrow down your options and determine the best fit for you here is a list of the top five resources you should use, who can better explain these programs and how they relate to your specific industry and product.


CanExport is a government program that offers funding to organizations that want to export into new markets. The goal of this program is to encourage and increase Canadian company competitiveness around the globe. CanExport provides Canadian companies with export opportunities most specifically in high-growth markets and industries. Learn more about this program and how it can work for you using this free webinar, courtesy of Du Plooy Law and Rainmaker Global Business Development.

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada provides information and tips related to international trade and foreign affairs along with details on programs offering export assistance to businesses in Canada. The comprehensive site has statistics and information on country profiles and tariffs, and even outlines what steps you will need to follow to ensure a successful exporting process. This is an incredibly valuable resource if you are considering expansion into new markets.

Export Controls Online (EXCOL)

Finding the proper permits and paperwork can take a lot of time and seem confusing. Fortunately, Export Controls Online has an easy-to-use portal for you to submit all of the necessary applications and paperwork for the permits you need. When planning for exportation this site offers up-to-date information to help you ensure you meet all the export requirements and file the proper documents to move forward with your global expansion plans. In addition to export assistance, this site also helps businesses looking to import into Canada find the proper resources for doing so.

Canadian Trade Commissioners

The Trade Commissioner’s Office in your local city is a very beneficial resource as you begin your journey into market expansion. Their services include providing advice on trade-related questions and connecting you with networks in the markets you’re targeting to help simplify your trade and export process. We highly recommend researching the Trade Commissioner’s Office closest to you and keeping their contact information handy in case you run into any roadblocks.

Du Plooy Law

Our partnership with Rainmaker Global Business Development makes it more accessible for Canadian companies to explore new market opportunities. Du Plooy Law focuses on Working most prominently with the CanExport Program, Du Plooy Law is able to assist you and your company with the legal aspects of entering new markets and help prepare you for doing so. If you’re ready to expand your company into global markets, our firm is happy to offer assistance with the early stages of expansion. Contact us today to take the next step or to have your questions answered.



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