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Over the years we have had the pleasure of collaborating with clients in a number of different industries. Our experience in a diverse array of sectors allows us to provide tailored services that satisfy our clients’ unique business needs specific to their industry. By doing so, our clients are able to effectively navigate challenges and exploit opportunities in the market.

We like to think that each of the industries that we’ve helped clients in highlights the growing diversification of the Alberta economy. We feel privileged to help our clients grow, innovate and breed optimism into Alberta and beyond.

Here is a snapshot of some industries and sectors we work with. While this shows the breadth of our service offering, our services extend beyond. If you don’t see your industry listed, please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Hospitality and Restaurants

Whether a hotel, restaurant, transportation or event company we can help you navigate complex hospitality regulations.

Professional Services

Engineering, Accounting, Medical and Dental
If you are setting up a professional corporation, looking for a contract, or have employment matters, let us help.

Arts and Entertainment

Film and Music

We share your creative and collaborative vision and implement that through our services.

International Business Development Consulting

We simplify the legalities of international business so you can analyze potential markets for your clients.

Operation and Asset Management

From financial advisors to accounting firms we can help put you in the best position to assist your clients.

Data and Analytic Solutions, GIS and Statistical Modeling

It is important that you have proper measures in place as you assist clients with the compilation of data.

Information Technology

We ensure that you are well protected as you provide services to your cliental.

Leadership and Management Consulting

We take a collaborative approach to the law and therefore, we would be happy to help connect you with other professionals that can help you run an effective management team.

Technology and Innovation

From IT companies, to shared workspaces, we’ve helped technology companies build from the ground up.

Insurance and Investment Advisory

We’ve advised many insurance and investment advisory companies with respect to risk and liability management.

Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Carbon Markets

From run of the river hydro technology companies, carbon market offsets or credits, to instrument to air clean energy for the oil and gas industry, we’re experienced in helping clients commercialize renewable energy and clean technology coming from or into Alberta.

Aviation and Aerospace

The aviation and aerospace industry is growing and we’ve been able to assist these clients grow their business.

Commercial Real Estate Development

We have represented both property owners and renters with respect to commercial lease reviews. We also have experience helping land developers get major projects off the ground.


From builder’s liens, employment and independent contractor agreements, we can help project developers and contractors limit their liability.

Trades and Manufacturing

From large-scale manufacturing plants to independent contractors we have significant experience advising clients in the trades and manufacturing industry.

Transportation and Logistics

We have experience helping clients secure supply chain routes and shipping contracts.

Urban Planning and Design, Land Surveyors and Land Agents

We’ve helped set up architecture firms to land surveying companies and more.

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