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What We Believe

Du Plooy Law is a Calgary based law firm operating under the guiding principal of putting our client relationships above all else. As the lifeblood of our business, our team believes in educating, connecting with and empowering our clients to help them fuel their success. 

We strive to create relationships that extend beyond legal deliverables by working with you to understand your business needs, goals, personalities, challenges and desires as best as we possibly can.  As part of your team, we add value to your business by anticipating your future legal needs and developing practical solutions. That’s why our clients have trusted us as their legal advisors for years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Our 5 pillars of success


Feel empowered every time you deal with your legal team. As our client, we’ll make sure you understand legal matters and potential outcomes in plain English so you’re prepared for anything. No confusing legal jargon here. 

To ensure advice is accessible when you need it we frequently connect with our clients, communicate openly and give them access to our entire team. Our goal is to empower and create meaningful connections with everyone we encounter, be it with our clients, team members, or professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment brokers and other agents. 



Think of us as your very own dream team. We dedicate ourselves to educating, advising and collaborating with every client to ensure we deliver the most efficient, desirable outcomes possible.  

As our client, you’re considered part of our team and it’s extremely important to us that you enjoy working with us. We take a collaborative approach to conflict resolution and continually work with you (and your other professional advisors, such as accountants, financial advisors, brokers and insurance agents) to come up with better solutions and lasting, mutually beneficial outcomes.


Get practical advice you can actually use. After assessing your business our team will provide you with innovative and practical solutions that reflect your business needs.  

In line with being relationship-centric, our team adds considerable value the more you work with us. That is why most of our clients have relied on us as trusted advisors for years. With time, we’re able to develop a profound understanding of your business and the factors that impact it which allows us to take a forward –thinking approach and provide support you didn’t even know you needed.



You’re passionate about your business and we understand that better than anyone. We love what we do and earn our clients’ trust by delivering highly beneficial solutions and cultivating positive experiences. 

In our eyes, no two clients are the same. That’s why your passion serves as our inspiration when we work with you or develop anything for your business. Trust our team to come up with creative solutions for all your business needs. 


To maintain transparency and effectively manage every project we work on we create a scope of work based on a discovery discussion with our clients. If you’re not sure exactly what your business needs we’ll even review your current business, to make sure your general business needs and goals align with the desired outcomes.

The discovery process creates cost-certainty, timelines, actions and responsibilities and helps us manage your expectations and help you to coordinate work in other parts of the business. After outlining the scope you’ll receive a roadmap with project milestones to simplify project management while we work towards completion.


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