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Before you’re fully ready to enter a new market you need to develop a market entry strategy. One of the biggest considerations in this strategy is how you actually intend to enter the market, which can be somewhat confusing. To help you devise a clear plan, here is an overview of the ways a Canadian business can enter new markets. The traditional means of market entry fall into these four main categories:

There is a lot more that goes into exporting products than the exportation itself. Before any business begins exporting products to new markets it is imperative they develop an export marketing plan, which acts as a road map for acquiring and retaining customers in each market. Here are the seven questions you’ll need to answer before you write your marketing plan, plus the eight sections that every great marketing plan includes. Before creating your marketing plan, you should be able to an

The legal side of international trade may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Chances are local law and regulations will be different than international ones so it’s important that you understand both if you want to confidently enter new markets and limit your risk of legal action. Here are four key factors of international law you should understand before you expand.

In the digital era, websites are making it increasingly simple for businesses to enter the e-commerce space in order to buy and sell their products and services online, even if the transaction doesn’t actually occur on the website. What a lot of businesses are failing to consider is how they can utilize e-commerce to simplify the process of exporting products to new markets.

When businesses decide to export products to foreign markets there is a lot to consider.  Of these considerations, currency exchange risk is the most overlooked. Fluctuating currency rates affect everything from your production costs to consumer affordability and your profitability. A common misconception is that exchange rates are out of a business’s control, leading owners to do little (or nothing) to mitigate their risks. Here we’ll walk you through what it is actually costing you to ign


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