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Reach new markets and quickly grow your business.

Ensure a seamless transition as your business expands into new markets. Our international network of professional firms enables us to provide you with complete legal services like the set up of inbound and outbound subsidiaries, joint ventures, distribution channels or straight exports.

We understand how complicated international business expansion can seem, so we simplify it for you. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small to mid-sized company looking to grow, we can assist you in discovering the international expansion opportunity that’s right for you.

If you’re expanding beyond Canadian borders we’ll work with our associated firms to help you navigate the landscape of foreign markets, provide international contract drafting services, direct you to applicable grants and bursaries, and assist you during the visa application process.

And if you’re a foreign business looking to enter Canadian markets, we provide legal assistance to create a smooth transition. Our extensive knowledge on the Canadian business environment, experience in different industries and understanding of local laws and regulations makes it simple for you to bring your business into Canada.

International Business & Trade Solutions:
  • Incorporating in Canada or a foreign jurisdiction
  • Cross-border corporate structuring and advice
  • Import and export controls
  • Exportation and distribution
  • Supplier and agency contracts
  • Purchase and sale contracts
  • Inter-jurisdictional tax minimization strategies
  • International transaction negotiation and trade advice
  • Business visa applications
  • Government loan and funding opportunities
  • Cross-border financing and access to venture capital
  • Guidance with the Canadian government’s CanExport Program

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