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Create a corporate structure that actually makes sense for your business.

Set yourself up for success with a sophisticated corporate structure that allows for tax planning, asset protection and proper exit strategies, while eliminating unnecessary costs and risk.

We’ll follow your lead and create a corporate structure that’s simple to understand, administer and benefit from. After helping you decide which structure is right for your business, we’ll set it up to ensure you have adequate asset protection inside your business. We will also make sure your shareholders understand their rights and responsibilities and help you avoid potential tax liability or wasted litigation fees.

Corporate Structuring Solutions:
  • Incorporations
  • Corporate structures
  • Extra-provincial registration for your business
  • Annual returns
  • Joint venture structuring and agreements
  • Limited partnership structuring and agreements
  • Unanimous shareholder agreements
  • Share pool and voting agreements
  • Financing and security agreements
  • Consulting and service agreements (along with Personal Services Business (PSB) analysis)
  • Employment and contractor agreements
  • Terms of service agreements between you and your customers
  • Licensing and assignment agreements
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Asset protection analysis and set up
  • Corporate governance structure and advice
  • Stock incentive programs
  • Not-for-profit and charitable registrations
Our corporate reorganization services are designed to maximize efficiency, save you money in the long-term and help you safeguard your business assets against claims.

With the ever-changing business and economic landscape you may discover the sudden need for tax savings, asset protection, a restructure of control inside the business, or an exit strategy. When it’s time for your corporate reorganization we’ll discuss your needs with you and create a new structure bespoke to your organization and goals.

Corporate Reorganization Solutions:
  • Buying or selling of shares
  • Shareholder reorganizations
  • Corporate exit strategy (ex: preparing to sell your business)
  • Corporate succession (ex: estate freeze)
  • Tax deferral strategies (ex: rollovers, share exchanges and rollouts)
  • Asset protection strategies (ex: butterfly transactions)
  • Intellectual property considerations
  • Trust structures and deeds
  • Structuring of discretionary trusts, holding companies and sister corporations
  • Pipeline strategies
  • Maximizing benefits of not-for-profit organizations and charities
  • Amalgamations, mergers and wind-ups

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