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Employee shares can instill a sense of ownership and investment in your employees. Because you’re looking to expand and scale up the brand, buy-in from your key employees is key. One way to foster dedication and buy-in is to issue those employees shares in the corporation. Restaurants can use the issuance of equity to their […]

Many businesses in the hospitality industry in Alberta generate a sizable portion of the revenue through branding and name recognition, or intellectual property. However, many businesses are so focused on the short-term that they put off conversations about intellectual property protection. Oftentimes it is, I’ll get the protection once we’re bigger, once we’re busy again, […]

If your business is in the hospitality industry and is looking to diversify its revenue streams, you should consider the CanExport program. Whether you are selling product like craft beer or provide a sit-down service in line with gastro-tourism, the Canadian federal government will give you up to $75,000 to explore the benefits and feasibility […]


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