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Feel empowered every time you deal with your legal team. As our client, we’ll make sure you understand legal matters and potential outcomes in plain English so you’re prepared for anything. No confusing legal jargon here. To ensure advice is accessible when you need it we frequently connect with our clients, communicate openly and give them access to our entire team.


Think of us as your very own dream team. We dedicate ourselves to educating, advising and collaborating with every client to ensure we deliver the most efficient, desirable outcomes possible.


Get practical advice you can actually use. After assessing your business our team will provide you with innovative and practical solutions that reflect your business needs.


You’re passionate about your business and we understand that better than anyone. We love what we do and earn our clients’ trust by delivering highly beneficial solutions and cultivating positive experiences.


To maintain transparency and effectively manage every project we work on we create a scope of work based on a discovery discussion with our clients. If you’re not sure exactly what your business needs we’ll even review your current business, to make sure your general business needs and goals align with the desired outcomes.


Du Plooy Law is a business law firm that operates under the guiding principle of putting our client relationships above all else. As the lifeblood of our business, our team believes in educating, connecting with and empowering our clients to help them fuel their success.

Areas of Practice

Corporate Structuring & Reorganization + -

Create a corporate structure that actually makes sense for your business.

Helping you:

  • Incorporations,
  • Corporate structures,
  • Extra-provincial registration for your business,
  • Annual returns,
  • and more.
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International Business & Trade + -

Reach new markets and quickly grow your business.

Helping you:

  • Incorporate into a new jurisdiction,
  • Cross-border corporate structuring and advice,
  • Import and export controls,
  • Exportation and distribution,
  • and more.
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Business Contracts + -

If it’s important enough to protect, you need a contract for it.

Helping you:

  • Service contracts,
  • Employment and contractor agreements,
  • Customer Terms of Service,
  • Unanimous shareholders agreements,
  • and more.
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CanExport + -

The Canadian government’s CanExport program provides support to small and mid-sized companies who are looking to grow internationally.

Helping you:

  • Industry regulations in foreign markets,
  • Exchange control,
  • IP protection and strategy,
  • International contracts,
  • and more.
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Buying & Selling a Business + -

The simplest way to buy & sell your business.

Helping you:

  • Tax planning,
  • Contract negotiation, review and drafting,
  • Commercial lease review,
  • Due diligence review and searches,
  • and more.
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Entertainment Law + -

Legal solutions that share your creative and collaborative vision.

Helping you:

  • Film due diligence, errors and omissions review,
  • Scriptwriter, Director, Talent and Location agreements,
  • Distribution and broadcast agreements,
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • and more.
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Employment Law + -

Build a loyal team with a proactive approach to employment.

Helping you:

  • Employment agreements,
  • Workplace policies and manuals,
  • Advise employers on hiring, downsizing and layoffs,
  • and more.
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Banking & Securities Law + -

Get the financing and capital you need, when you need it.

Helping you:

  • Conventional bank financing and business loans,
  • Collateral securities,
  • Benchmarking and draw down lending,
  • Debt structuring,
  • and more.
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Tax & Estate Planning + -

Tax planning and structuring to achieve your long-term financial goals.

Helping you:

  • General tax advice for businesses,
  • Estate freezes,
  • Wills, powers of attorney and personal directives,
  • Business succession strategies,
  • and more.
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Employee shares can instill a sense of ownership and investment in your employees. Because you’re looking to expand and scale up the brand, buy-in from your key employees is key. One way to foster dedication and buy-in is to issue those employees shares in the corporation. Restaurants can use the issuance of equity to their […]

Many businesses in the hospitality industry in Alberta generate a sizable portion of the revenue through branding and name recognition, or intellectual property. However, many businesses are so focused on the short-term that they put off conversations about intellectual property protection. Oftentimes it is, I’ll get the protection once we’re bigger, once we’re busy again, […]

If your business is in the hospitality industry and is looking to diversify its revenue streams, you should consider the CanExport program. Whether you are selling product like craft beer or provide a sit-down service in line with gastro-tourism, the Canadian federal government will give you up to $75,000 to explore the benefits and feasibility […]


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